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RE: SEAOC $10 dues increase objection

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Ed, and others interested;
I believe that one or two of the board members are accumulating the posts
from this list to discuss at the March 4th, state board meeting. Additional
letters are always a powerful way to express an opinion.
I am confident that we have become a collective voice which has the power to
be heard.
I wish to caution us on one issue. The SEAOC board of directors are not as
literate on computer and listservice issues as we are. Our efforts are
putting pressure on them to be more accessible to the list membership and
anyone who wishes to express an opinion.  SEAOC has not responded to our
original request for accountability and I caution us not to act hastily
until they have had a chance to properly defend their position.
At this time, I want accountability, but I do not want to distroy the work
done by the state committees and members. What I do want is to avoid a dues
increase and work to reduce unnecessary cost in hopes of lowering our dues.

Dennis Wish PE

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|Dear Fellow Engineers;
|I second to Dennis Wish statement regarding due increase.  I vote to cut
|the State Office establishment.   Many of my structural engineer friends
|are working for large engineering firms and the Cities ( they are neither a
|manager rank nor the president of the company) can not effort the SEAOC due
|even $120 per year.  I beleive that if we can cut the unnecesary expenses
|bring the due down to under $100 per year, there may be a large increase in
|SEAOC members.  These are more of the reasons why we should not pay for the
|State Office.
|1. This year, there is no SEAOC Directory update
|2. There were only a few Plan Reviews printed in the past 12 months
|3.  We never had State Office for 60 years and still doing fine
|I vote to just only pay our local due.
|I will write a letter to the Board of Directer of SEAOSC to state my
|Would anyone like to join me?
|Ed Latthitham S.E.
|Oxnard, CA