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My wife and I have our own insurance - a perfered physician plan (PPO) with
Blue Shield. My wife is around 50 and I 48. No children (they are older,
married with children). Although it depends upon which zone you are in (we
are in Riverside County which is cheaper than most) we pay $205.00 per month
with a $1,000.00 deductible for each of us. Blue Shields plan, however,
covers office visits with a $30.00 or $35.00 copay and we don't have to dig
into the deductible until we exceed the services of a standard office visit.
Most of our doctors are on the plan and we don't have to put up with the
B.S. associated to HMO's.
You might want to check out Blue Shield (btw, we have Blue Cross for our
Dental which adds $46.00 per month for the both of us).
Again, it depends upon your zone (location) and age, but I found this plan
to be very cost effective and love the fact that I can see any doctor I want
and get an additional savings if my doctor is on the Blue Shield PPO list
(which many are).

Dennis Wish PE

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|From: Kathleen A. O'Brien [mailto:wildwoman1(--nospam--at)]
|Sent: Thursday, February 26, 1998 9:27 AM
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|Subject: I HATE MY HMO!!!
|Does anyone know if there is a group medical insurance plan through SEAOC?
|My needs are simple:
|It should be very cheap.
|It should cover everything.
|No paperwork or waiting for approvals.
|There should be someone at the other end of the toll-free # 24 hours a day
|to answer all my questions and solve all my problems immediately.
|Seriously, I find I am paying almost $2000/year for a lot of aggravation.
|What I would like is an economical plan that would just cover me for the
|big stuff - lump in the breast, run over by a truck, that kind of thing. I
|can cover the routine stuff myself.
|Kate O'Brien, P.E.
|Simi Valley