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RE: SEAOC $10.00 dues increases objection

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Before this gets out of hand, let me make a few statements. First, I have
been an active volunteer with SEAOC since the late 80's. Never have I asked
to be recognized for my work, nor have I asked for any perks in order to
spend my time in committees or writting SEAOC Online.
I volunteer because I believe it is a way for me to voice my opinions and
have a active part in the evolution and developement of our profession. I
also beleive it my responsibility to give back to the profession equal to
the benifits I received as a professional engineer.
I may be a critic of politics and organizations that represent any community
of professionals, but I have forever been grateful to SEAOC for accepting me
and my, at times, radical opinions with the same respect given to other more
devoted members.
I remember sitting in my first committee meeting chaired by Dave Brieholtz
and known at the time as the hazardous Building Committee. Understand that
my closet has but one style of clothing - jeans and tee shirts. I was at the
time, long haired (although it has thinned considerably) and did not own a
jacket or tie (and still do not).
Rather than be shown to the nearest door, the members of this committee
accepted me from the start and treated me with the same respect as they
treated each other. For the first time as a member of SEAOSC (which I have
been since March 2, 1983) I felt at home and comfortable with others of my

My comments about incentive programs is only meant as a "marketing tool" to
try and develop interest and participation from those who may not be as
inclined to participate as those who presently do for no renumeration.
I would also not "bitch" about a small $10.00 increase except that there is
a principle at stake here which we have been discussing for the life of this

Is it necessary to delay progress when given new tools to work more
productivly and less costly - but which requires learning to use the tools
effectivly? How much money do we need to waste while we delay using these
tools because we procrastinate new learning skills of feel inundated by the
SEAOC appears to be making grand accomplishments and protecting our place in
the future of building codes - but are we doing so at the least expense?
Until this simple question is answered to the satisfaction of the community,
I can't sanction the increase in dues or the support for an physical office.

Dennis Wish PE