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Re: Dynamic base shears, is it considered?

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Abdi (A.S. Moghadam) wrote:
> > ....  We also performed site-specific response spectrum
> > analysis and calculated ductility ratios of all the members to ensure
> > that inelastic deformations will not be excessive.
> Response spectrum is essentially an elastic type of analysis. What was
> the approach to estimate the ductility demand at member level (beams
> and columns) in that project from the results of an elastic analysis?

In the old days, you can do a series of linear response spectrum
analysis, in other words, piesewise-linear analysis, to trace the hinge
formations and obtain an estimate of the ductility of the system. This
approach is similar to the plastic collapse analysis.

Nowaday, you can do a response spectrum analysis, get the maximum drift
and then perform a push-over analysis to obtain the inelastic
deformations and estimate the ductility of the system.

Both approaches are time consuming and we only do it if budget allows.

Hope that it answer your question,

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering