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Re: SEAOC $10 dues increase objection

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wish(--nospam--at) write:

> I am confident that we have become a collective voice which has the power to
>  be heard.

Yeah, but our messages will contain more static than coherence or concensus.
Dennis, your idealism is endearing, but your fervent beliefs and hopes
sometimes cause you to not face all the issues that are relevant to the
situation or cause.  Your "collective voice" statement is like politicians
saying that, on a given issue, the "American People" have spoken, or want
this, or need that, or deserve something else.  With very rare exceptions, the
"American People" don't express a collective voice on any issue - we 280
million Americans have a multiplicity of interests and agendas that span wide
political, economic and social spectrums.  But not surprisingly, policiticans
always find that the "American People's" desire or position on an issue is
coincident with the one they are advocating.   Even though this listserv
membership is much smaller, a review of postings that contain *non-technical*
opinions and positions would show significant diversity in thinking and
attitudes, and seldom anything that could be construed as a collective voice.
So, what messages could policy and decision makers discern from reading
collections of postings made by a group that includes conservatives, middle-
if-the-roaders, bleeding hearts, employees, principals, etc, all of whom want
to grind the axe differently?  :-( 

Frank Lew, SE
Orinda, CA