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Light Gage Steel Design Software

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here a very good program to design any light gage element 
very good price also

check it out 


Title: Light Gage Steel Design Software

Light Gage Steel Design Software

PROP86 for Windows 95 Information

We are pleased to announce the latest release of PROP86 for Windows 95 light gage metal framing design software!! This new version has been written and re-compiled in Visual Basic 5.0, for the fastest performance possible. As with previous versions, this program was written for the Professional engineer involved with light gage steel design. The program also gives the user a concise output of the most critical design properties. In addition, several different tables can be automatically generated and printed including allowable axial loads, allowable non-bearing wall heights and allowable ceiling joist spans. Manufacturer's rolled shape libraries are available for easy access to the sections you or your client wish to use. This version has new features over the older versions that engineers, like you, have requested. Features like user defined loads for all of the span/load tables, read-only library mode, multiple library names, automatic code checking, enhanced user interface and graphics and more!

The program still maintains compatiblity with older versions, so your current libraries can still be accessed. Upgrading is easy. If you are running Windows 95, then you'll benefit from the speed and added features of PROP86 for Windows 95. Upgrade pricing is $125 for current DOS or Windows 3.X version users, and $525 for new comers (plus $5.00 S&H and sales tax). As always, a demo version is available (SEE BELOW).



To run the Windows 95 demo, three files are needed. Download DEMO32_1.EXE (1.4MB self-extracting file), DEMO32_2.EXE (1.4MB self-extracting file) and DEMO32_3.EXE (0.7MB self-extracting file). After all extractions to a temporary directory, run SETUP.EXE.


To download self-extracting files of the older versions of PROP86 for DOS and Windows 3.X without the internal date check, please select the appropriate file(s). You must be a registered user of the software to download these files. Please note that these versions are no longer supported or updated by Sure-Tie, Inc. Download PROP86U.EXE (80KB) for the unlocked DOS executable. Download PRP86WNU.EXE (86KB) for the unlocked Windows 3.X executable.


To receive the most recent revision of PROP86 for Windows 95 (version 4.1), you must be a registered user of the software. Download PRP8695U.EXE (0.5MB self-extracting file). Please note that this is a VB5.0 compatible file only.
To run this update with older versions (4.0x), you must also download the three demo files above. They contain the necessary system files in order to run the new re-compiled version. Install the demo software to a NEW directory (very important) on your hard drive. Next, copy the PROP86.INI file found on the last disk of your registered program floppy disks to the NEW directory. Finally, extract the PRP8695U.EXE file into the NEW directory.

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