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Re: Dynamic base shears, is it considered?

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> In the old days, you can do a series of linear response spectrum
> analysis, in other words, piesewise-linear analysis, to trace the hinge
> formations and obtain an estimate of the ductility of the system. This
> approach is similar to the plastic collapse analysis.

Could you please help me with a couple points so I be able to apply
this method to an example building (I want to do a comparison with
pushover analysis). Which one of the following methods were applied 
those days:

1- Perform linear response spectrum analysis then trace the hinge
   formation, modify the building model and again perform next
   linear response spectrum analysis ... ...

   My question: Was the 'same spectrum' used at all the stages? I mean
                every time that building model was changed, was each
                new damaged model of building subjected to the original
                response spectrum again and again?

2- Make some artificial earthquake records compatible to the given
   response spectrum and then perform dynamic time history analysis
   (instead of response spectrum analysis) and modify the building
   model whenever needed during the analysis and use the remaining
   portion of the ground motion record for the modified model and

If none of the above were applied, what other alternative was used?

Thanks for the help,

Abdi (A.S. Moghadam)