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RE: SEAOC $10.00 dues in

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Dennis Wish said:

. > One thing puzzles me about your post. I think I may have missed your 
. > point. You were pleased to be a member of an organization that offered you
. > specials on publications. You felt that they cared enough for their 
. > membership to offer a cost saving incentive in hopes of increasing the 
. > number of members in time.
. > 
. > But as they became more stingy in their offerings, you became more 
. > resentful and finally could see not incentive to continue paying dues.
. > Is this correct or have I missed something.
. > 
. > Why, then would I reconsider my position why you have done so well to
. > support it?

Yes, Dennis, I think that you did miss the point of my post.  The point of my 
post was that *all* members should be treated in the same manner.  I 
supported ASTM when all personal members were treated the same.  When ASTM's 
perks were given to *only* committee members, then that indicated to me that 
all the other members did not count in their mind and that they would only 
tolerate other members because they provided cash to the organization, both 
in dues plus profit from purchase of publications.

As I said in my previous post, I did not intend to get involved in this 
thread, however, your proposal to have a 50 percent reduction of dues as an 
incentive to serve on a committee caused me to relate an exactly opposite 
reaction from me in a similar situation.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural) 
Tucson, Arizona