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Re: International Building Code 2000

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     There is a "First Draft" of the IBC dated November 1997 available now. 
     On the US ground motion figure most of it is readable except the area 
     around California.  The lines there are too close together to use.  I 
     don't know if it is better than the older copy.
     Ed Haninger
     Fluor Daniel

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Subject: International Building Code 2000
Author:  James_F_Fulton@rohmhaas.com_at_-FDInternet at FDINET
Date:    2/26/98 4:29 PM

I have a "Working Draft" dated May 1997 of IBC 2000. The ground motion maps 
on pp. 16.38 thru 16.41 are poor quality and the contour values impossible 
read. Does anybody know where readable copies of these can be obtained ?