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Re: SEAOC Committee Meetings

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To everyone who want to respond to the thread on "Virtual Committees", please
use the Subject: SEAOC Committee Meetings since it started this way. I'm
keepng track of all responses by printing it out and filing them in a folder.
In the future, if anybody wants to know everthing about how the Virtual
Committee in the SEAOC Listserve started, all they have to do is access the
Archive under this Subject and they will all be together.  

I am going ahead with my proposal to start a Committee on the Listserve. I'll
call it "VIRTUAL COMMITTEE". I'll declare the following as "FOUNDERS"; Dennis
Wish, Ernie Natividad, Bill Allen, Rick Drake, Frank Lew and Bill Cain. These
are the only people who are involved so far and hopefully we can add more
people later. Yes, I included Frank and Rick because I don't believe that they
don't want the committee, they just have concerns about it's success. Their
negative comments should be treated as constructive critisisms. Unless they
don't want to, then, they can request to be excluded. Anyway, I still welcome
them and encourage them as they will be the starting point and basis for how
we can make this Virtual Committee work.

I've started a folder file of all post in this thread under Subject: SEAOC
Committee Meetings. I have read all of them and I'm a little behind in
analyzing, organizing and documenting them. The first thing I'll do is prepare
a summary list of PROS and CONS based on what has been said so far. Then, I'll
prepare a "Proposed RULES and REGULATIONS" on MEMBERSHIP(whether all listserve
members are automatic members or only those who are willing to participate and
accept the corresponding duties and responsibilities), OFFICERS(how do we
nominate, vote and install, or do we even need officers at all),
MEETINGS(Virtual meetings or online discusions on a specific topic within a
set time frame without Robert's Rule, we can use Murphy's Law), GOALS,
OBJECTIVE, ETC. These should keep the thread going.

I'll keep track of all suggestions of "Let's do this" and "We should do that".
The first one is the Letter to SEAOSC. I'll prepare a "DRAFT LETTER"
notifiying SEAOSC of our plans. But, instead of being an official letter from
the listserve(Frank commented that we need to get the whole listserve sign
it), I will sign it as my personal letter "Notifying" them of what's going on
at the Listserve(as opposed to 'requesting them to acknowledge or approve' our
intent, since like Dennis said, we might not get a response from them). Is is
not the person writing the letter who is important  but the content of the
letter that matters. Once they find out that there is a large group of
virtually active, responsible and concerned group of people who are willing to
contribute to the betterment of the Structural Engineering Profession, then,
they will start to acknowlege our presence and hopefully support us.

Ernie Natividad