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Re: SEAOC Committee Meetings

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You'll have my vote on this "virtual committee" also.  Go for it and
when we all have affordable real time live-video capability on our PC
one or two years from now, it may not be virtual anymore.

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering
Walnut, CA

ErnieNSE wrote:
> To everyone who want to respond to the thread on "Virtual Committees", please
> use the Subject: SEAOC Committee Meetings since it started this way. I'm
> keepng track of all responses by printing it out and filing them in a folder.
> In the future, if anybody wants to know everthing about how the Virtual
> Committee in the SEAOC Listserve started, all they have to do is access the
> Archive under this Subject and they will all be together.
> I am going ahead with my proposal to start a Committee on the Listserve. I'll
> call it "VIRTUAL COMMITTEE". I'll declare the following as "FOUNDERS"; Dennis
> Wish, Ernie Natividad, Bill Allen, Rick Drake, Frank Lew and Bill Cain. These
> are the only people who are involved so far and hopefully we can add more
> people later. Yes, I included Frank and Rick because I don't believe that they
> don't want the committee, they just have concerns about it's success. Their
> negative comments should be treated as constructive critisisms. Unless they
> don't want to, then, they can request to be excluded. Anyway, I still welcome
> them and encourage them as they will be the starting point and basis for how
> we can make this Virtual Committee work.
> I've started a folder file of all post in this thread under Subject: SEAOC
> Committee Meetings. I have read all of them and I'm a little behind in
> analyzing, organizing and documenting them. The first thing I'll do is prepare
> a summary list of PROS and CONS based on what has been said so far. Then, I'll
> prepare a "Proposed RULES and REGULATIONS" on MEMBERSHIP(whether all listserve
> members are automatic members or only those who are willing to participate and
> accept the corresponding duties and responsibilities), OFFICERS(how do we
> nominate, vote and install, or do we even need officers at all),
> MEETINGS(Virtual meetings or online discusions on a specific topic within a
> set time frame without Robert's Rule, we can use Murphy's Law), GOALS,
> OBJECTIVE, ETC. These should keep the thread going.
> I'll keep track of all suggestions of "Let's do this" and "We should do that".
> The first one is the Letter to SEAOSC. I'll prepare a "DRAFT LETTER"
> notifiying SEAOSC of our plans. But, instead of being an official letter from
> the listserve(Frank commented that we need to get the whole listserve sign
> it), I will sign it as my personal letter "Notifying" them of what's going on
> at the Listserve(as opposed to 'requesting them to acknowledge or approve' our
> intent, since like Dennis said, we might not get a response from them). Is is
> not the person writing the letter who is important  but the content of the
> letter that matters. Once they find out that there is a large group of
> virtually active, responsible and concerned group of people who are willing to
> contribute to the betterment of the Structural Engineering Profession, then,
> they will start to acknowlege our presence and hopefully support us.
> Ernie Natividad