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RE: AutoCadLT/12/14 Layering problems

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The best way to insure what you want plotted is to send your drawing files
separately and plot only from PLT files you created. I have had numerous
problems with incorrect base sheets (xref'd) layers that were inadvertently
turned on, architectural information that I did not want - etc. The only way
I found to control my own output was not allow the architect or client to
use my DWG files, but simply to create a PLT file (in HPGL/2) which is
emailed directly to the printer.
Another advantage to this is that you maintain the original records of the
project on DWG format and the "original" is the PLT file that was used to
create the record Blue Lines. This can be converted, but it is not an easy
I highly recommend this method to protect your work from change and to
assure that what you produce is just the way you want it to look.
Finally, there are a few add-on's that make it easy for you to view PLT
files in your web browser or by stand alone programs. Save the PLT file as a
record of what you produced for final output - it not only contains the
information you want, but has a file date which average users will find
difficult to change in Windows 95 (if you are using this version of DOS).
Granted, those who know something about DOS utilities will have not problem
changing the date, but this is unethical and sneaky.
Good luck,

Dennis Wish PE

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|Subject: AutoCadLT/12/14 Layering problems
|I am working on several projects with a drafting/architectural service that
|works in Autocad 14. I work in Autocad LT, which is compatible with 12.
|They send me Arch dwgs in 12 which they have converted from 14. I open them
|up in LT, freeze the layers I don't want, add new layers with structural
|data, save and email back to them or directly to the printer.
|What has happened is that somewhere during these transitions, some of the
|frozen layers get unfrozen, and we end up with second floor framing members
|on the foundation plan, yadayada.  At least I think that's what is
|happening; its the simplest explanation I can come up with that fits the
|This is really a mess. I was all set to stamp one project tomorrow and now
|I can't until we straighten this out (not to mention billing the Client).
|Has anyone else had this experience? What I have done is to open up all the
|drawings, unfreeze the layers I don't want and erase everything from them.
|Is there an eaiser/quicker way to fix this problem?
|Kate (in a very crummy mood right now) O'Brien, P.E.
|Simi Valley