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RE: Virtual Standards Committee - Volunteers Needed please read

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Thanks for the info - I look forward to the new tools. BTW, from my
understanding, 112Kb transmissions require the use of two 56Kb modems and
two lines. Although this is interesting, a standard has yet to be adopted. I
am interested in what you have found out about this.
The Virtual Standards Committee (VCS) is intended to be an autonomous group
made up of any member who wishes to participate and has only one real
purpose at this time, to establish standards for the distribution and
disemination of information between physical and virtual committees.
Essentially, the committee will be creating standards for the most
productive way to utilize the tools that the CAC creates.
This is a difficult project to undertake and we welcome the help and support
of the CAC at both local and state levels to accomplish this task.
I feel that the VSC should be independent of the CAC since the work will be
accomplished primarily from volunteers of this list - regardless of
The goals of the VSC is to create a standard which will be accepted
nationally or internationally by each professional organization that wish to
work cooperativly. I hope that this will promote others who learn of the VSC
and who may already be in the process of developing standards to allow us to
work together.

Your comments are greatly appreciated. Shall I add you to the list of
members / representatives. Until you will be able to establish a dedicated
list for us, we will be working from Email groups and any technology you
have created (such as IRC chatting) that will assist us in our work.

Dennis Wish PE

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|From: Shafat [mailto:seaoc-ad(--nospam--at)]
|Sent: Saturday, February 28, 1998 11:36 AM
|To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
|Subject: Re: Virtual Standards Committee - Volunteers Needed please read
|SEAOC and SEAOSC Computer Applications Committee (CAC) are already looking
|into the technical side of such meetings. As a matter of fact, SEAOC CAC
|has held three such virtual meetings on internet using Internet Relay Chat
|(IRC). Personally I am currently experimenting with Streaming technology
|such as RealVideo. With the modem speeds increasing (112 KB due in less
|than 6 weeks), real time video chats is becoming a reality.
|Shafat Qazi.
|At 11:37 PM 2/27/98 -0800, you wrote:
|>We are requesting from the SEAOSC board of directors to start a Standards
|>Committee online. This committee is non-partisan and we encourage
|>with any professional affiliation. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF SEAOC
|>OR A CALIFORNIA CHAPTER OF SEA. You may have no affiliation, be a member
|>CELSOC, ASCE or any be a student of structural engineering.
|>The purpose of this Virtual Committee is to help establish standards to
|>enhance physical committee meetings with virtual meetings.
|>The long range purpose is to standardize our work so that any affiliation
|>can link into this network and participate as our profession grows with a
|>national standard and then to an international standard.
|>This is a major undertaking and we can use as much help as possible.
|>If you are interested, please send me a private post at wish(--nospam--at) and
|>will include you in list of volunteers.
|>Again, this is a united effort and is not necessary to be a SEA member to
|>Dennis Wish PE
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|>|From: ErnieNSE [mailto:ErnieNSE(--nospam--at)]
|>|Sent: Friday, February 27, 1998 10:37 PM
|>|To: wish(--nospam--at)
|>|Subject: Re: Personal file
|>|Now that we have a Virtual Standards Committee, with current members
|>|heading To: .......(shown above), do we continue discussions about
|>|committee posted on the listserve so that all may have the chance to
|>|participate or limit the discussions by posting to members only? Are we
|>|limiting our member size? Who picks the members? Who's in charge?
|>|I officially nominate Dennis for the position of Chairman of the Virtual
|>|Standards Committee. Let's vote, majority wins(50% plus 1), and let the
|>|be in charge for now(at least until we have the approved, official rules
|>|Also, I have been posting my thoughts on the listserve in the hope of
|>|generating more interest from others who want to participate in the
|>|discussions and join the committee. Should I continue to do this or limit
|>|post to this member group only?
|>|My thinking is that I would continue to post my general thoughts in the
|>|listserve, same as everybody else, but limit the more detailed and
|>|discussions to this member group only.
|>|By the way, are we going to announce to the listserve the formation of
|>|committee, with the following members, etc, and invite those who want to
|>|become members? Or are we going to pick only those we like to be
|>|What is the selection criteria?
|>|Ernie Natividad