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Re: Virtual Standards Committee - Volunteers Needed please read

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SEAOC and SEAOSC Computer Applications Committee (CAC) are already looking
into the technical side of such meetings. As a matter of fact, SEAOC CAC
has held three such virtual meetings on internet using Internet Relay Chat
(IRC). Personally I am currently experimenting with Streaming technology
such as RealVideo. With the modem speeds increasing (112 KB due in less
than 6 weeks), real time video chats is becoming a reality.

Shafat Qazi.

At 11:37 PM 2/27/98 -0800, you wrote:
>We are requesting from the SEAOSC board of directors to start a Standards
>Committee online. This committee is non-partisan and we encourage volunteers
>with any professional affiliation. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF SEAOC
>OR A CALIFORNIA CHAPTER OF SEA. You may have no affiliation, be a member of
>CELSOC, ASCE or any be a student of structural engineering.
>The purpose of this Virtual Committee is to help establish standards to
>enhance physical committee meetings with virtual meetings.
>The long range purpose is to standardize our work so that any affiliation
>can link into this network and participate as our profession grows with a
>national standard and then to an international standard.
>This is a major undertaking and we can use as much help as possible.
>If you are interested, please send me a private post at wish(--nospam--at) and I
>will include you in list of volunteers.
>Again, this is a united effort and is not necessary to be a SEA member to
>Dennis Wish PE
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>|From: ErnieNSE [mailto:ErnieNSE(--nospam--at)]
>|Sent: Friday, February 27, 1998 10:37 PM
>|To: wish(--nospam--at)
>|Subject: Re: Personal file
>|Now that we have a Virtual Standards Committee, with current members under
>|heading To: .......(shown above), do we continue discussions about virtual
>|committee posted on the listserve so that all may have the chance to
>|participate or limit the discussions by posting to members only? Are we
>|limiting our member size? Who picks the members? Who's in charge?
>|I officially nominate Dennis for the position of Chairman of the Virtual
>|Standards Committee. Let's vote, majority wins(50% plus 1), and let the
>|be in charge for now(at least until we have the approved, official rules
>|Also, I have been posting my thoughts on the listserve in the hope of
>|generating more interest from others who want to participate in the
>|discussions and join the committee. Should I continue to do this or limit
>|post to this member group only?
>|My thinking is that I would continue to post my general thoughts in the
>|listserve, same as everybody else, but limit the more detailed and
>|discussions to this member group only.
>|By the way, are we going to announce to the listserve the formation of this
>|committee, with the following members, etc, and invite those who want to
>|become members? Or are we going to pick only those we like to be included?
>|What is the selection criteria?
>|Ernie Natividad