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Re: Stainless Steel Reinforcement

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Norb Volny wrote:

> >Today my mail included information from the Nickel Development Institute
> >regarding stainless steel reinforcement bar.
> Sounds like it may have possibilities. Worked on a 4 story condo on the
> Oregon coast a few years ago and researched "epoxy-coated" rebar....etc.
> Found nothing about "stainless" at that time . Decided to use very low

I checked into stainless steel rebar about a year ago, and found that it looks
like a pretty good deal.  It costs (allegedly -- we haven't used it yet) about
twice what regular rebar costs, but will apparently last just about forever.  I
found one supplier in the United States, that I think was in New York.  I've
also talked to Paul Krauss at Wiss, Janney and Elstner, who's been doing a
longitudinal study with accelerated corrosion on a number of different rebar
types.  His work seems to indicate so far that stainless steel rebar
outperforms all of the others.  If true, the extra initial cost for the rebar
would be trivial when amortized over the life of the structure.