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Re[2]: SEAOC Committee Meetings

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     Ernie Natividad wrote <in part>:
     <<I am going ahead with my proposal to start a Committee on the 
     Listserver. I'll call it "VIRTUAL COMMITTEE". I'll declare the 
     following as "FOUNDERS"; Dennis Wish, Ernie Natividad, Bill Allen, 
     Rick Drake, Frank Lew and Bill Cain. These are the only people who are 
     involved so far and hopefully we can add more people later. Yes, I 
     included Frank and Rick because I don't believe that they don't want 
     the committee, they just have concerns about it's success. Their 
     negative comments should be treated as constructive criticisms. Unless 
they don't want to, then, they can request to be excluded. Anyway, I still 
welcome them and encourage them as they will be the starting point and basis 
how we can make this Virtual Committee work.>>


I appreciate you adding me to the "Virtual Committee" membership as a 
Member.  I'm not sure that you will want me, because I am not an advocate of 

100% electronic committees.  I am an advocate of 100% effective, useful 

As my previous post to the list server indicated, I object to Dennis Wish's 
electronic committee meetings, for the reasons stated.  I didn't as clearly 
state it, but I also object to 100% face-to-face meetings, for some of the 
reasons that Dennis Wish has stated.  I know this may sound "clearly 
but I think each SEAOC Committee should find an appropriate balance between 
face-to-face and 100% electronic, depending on the needs of the committee.

In other words, a SEAOC committee should exist to achieve a specific 
objective(s), not just for the heck of it.  I think that puts me in 
with Bill Allen on this point.)  The committee should achieve the specific 
objective(s) with a membership appropriate to the task, using tools 
for the task.  If the objectives are best met by a 100% electronic committee,
then that is the proper tool.  But if the objective is best met by a 100% 
face-to-face committee or some 50%-50% committee, then that is the tool that 

should be used.  Let's not use a hammer to force a threaded screw into a 

Now, here is where I think the Virtual Committee can make a meaningful 
contribution.  Establish electronic protocols, etc. to make available to any 

SEAOC Committee to use as a tool, when appropriate, to achieve its objective.
If this tool is available, I am sure the more computer literate committee 
will make use of it, slowly dragging along those who are less computer 
I'm afraid any attempts to force electronic committees on the computer 
illiterate will slow down the education process, and discourage valuable 
contributors to the SEAOC process.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Inc.