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Re: Stainless Steel Reinforcement

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     I would be careful in using stainless steel for rebar.  We have 
     studied this option in the past and there are several items you should 
     1. What ASTM would you specify for deformed stainless steel rebar?
     2. Not all stainless steels are good in resisting salts.  You need to 
     specify the correct type of stainless steel.
     3.  Although many fabricators can supply stainless steel smooth bar, 
     there are very few suppliers of deformed stainless steel bar.  
     Availability in quantity is a critical concern.
     4.  Are the bond characteristics the same for stainless steel as for 
     A615 bars (i.e. are the splice formulas in ACI applicable?).
     5.  Are the minimum bending radius the same for stainless steel as for 
     A615?  Do you bend stainless steel hot or cold?  What are the strain 
     hardening characteristics?
     6. For a high seismic zone what are the ductility characteristics of 
     stainless steel?
     7. The last time I check a few years ago, deformed stainless steel was 
     at least 5 times more expensive than A615 and delivery was several 
     There are many other items but the main point is that in theory 
     stainless steel would be a good solution to resist corrosion, however 
     there are many unanswered questions when you actually get into the 
     detailed design.
     Thomas Hunt, S.E.
     Fluor Daniel

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Subject: Stainless Steel Reinforcement
Author:  CanitzCF@aol.com_at_-FDInternet at FDINET
Date:    2/28/98 1:01 AM

Today my mail included information from the Nickel Development Institute 
regarding stainless steel reinforcement bar. It was stated that this type of 

reinforcement is used in Europe and that the initial cost difference between 

stainless steel re-bar and carbon steel re-bar is low. Also included was a 
list of US stainless steel bar manufacturers thereby implying(to me at 
that this type of reinforcement may have been used for projects in this 
country. Since this type of reinforcing would be appealing for concrete 
structures subjected to de-icing salts or marine environments, does anyone 
have any experience with this product? If so, what was your experience 
regarding fabrication, delivery times, field installation, to date 
performance, etc.?
Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD