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Re: Stainless Steel Reinforcement

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Good points Tom.

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Date: 02 March, 1998 7:55 PM
Subject: Re: Stainless Steel Reinforcement

>     Charlie,
>     I would be careful in using stainless steel for rebar.  We have
>     studied this option in the past and there are several items you
>     consider:
>     1. What ASTM would you specify for deformed stainless steel
>     2. Not all stainless steels are good in resisting salts.  You
need to
>     specify the correct type of stainless steel.
>     3.  Although many fabricators can supply stainless steel smooth
>     there are very few suppliers of deformed stainless steel bar.
>     Availability in quantity is a critical concern.
>     4.  Are the bond characteristics the same for stainless steel as
>     A615 bars (i.e. are the splice formulas in ACI applicable?).
>     5.  Are the minimum bending radius the same for stainless steel
as for
>     A615?  Do you bend stainless steel hot or cold?  What are the
>     hardening characteristics?
>     6. For a high seismic zone what are the ductility
characteristics of
>     stainless steel?
>     7. The last time I check a few years ago, deformed stainless
steel was
>     at least 5 times more expensive than A615 and delivery was
>     months.
>     There are many other items but the main point is that in theory
>     stainless steel would be a good solution to resist corrosion,
>     there are many unanswered questions when you actually get into
>     detailed design.
>     Thomas Hunt, S.E.
>     Fluor Daniel
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>Subject: Stainless Steel Reinforcement
>Author:  CanitzCF@aol.com_at_-FDInternet at FDINET
>Date:    2/28/98 1:01 AM
>Today my mail included information from the Nickel Development
>regarding stainless steel reinforcement bar. It was stated that this
type of
>reinforcement is used in Europe and that the initial cost difference
>stainless steel re-bar and carbon steel re-bar is low. Also included
was a
>list of US stainless steel bar manufacturers thereby implying(to me
>that this type of reinforcement may have been used for projects in
>country. Since this type of reinforcing would be appealing for
>structures subjected to de-icing salts or marine environments, does
>have any experience with this product? If so, what was your
>regarding fabrication, delivery times, field installation, to date
>performance, etc.?
>Charlie Canitz, PE
>Bel Air, MD