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RE: IBC Masonry Special Inspection Requirements

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Inspection is an issue that can be solved using this list serve.  Since the Code is not clear, can we use this forum to develop and disseminate a provision that could be placed in our specifications that would:
1. Provide guidance on when to require continuous and periodic inspections.
2. Define continuous and periodic inspections.  (It will probably vary with the material.)
3. Establish qualifications for the inspector.
4. Define the role of the special inspector and special inspector of record (if there is one).
5. Define required inspection requirements for nonbuilding structures.

The special inspection issue was a hole that was identified in the last meeting of the Provisions Update Committee of the Building Seismic Safety Council.  This would be a good opportunity to get it specified now and let the Code catch up in 2000.

I like a specification that includes commentary outlining when a particular provision is applicable, and all of the appropriate caveats.

In case Sandy Pringle does not recognize it, this is a no too subtle request for help.

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