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RE: COMP Backup Software Recommendations

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I use Novaback (, I think.)  Not sure about the dll
conflicts, but I'm reasonably sure it will work with a Ditto Travan 3 drive
(I use it with Windows NT and a SCSI Travan 4 tape drive).  It has a pretty
extensive set of emergency disks and tapes it makes for a total system crash
(haven't tested that feature yet, knock on wood) and does automatic
scheduled backups pretty nicely also.  I'm using it at home, but my office
had used it for several years to do daily backups of our network drives
until recently (changed networks and servers, not sure why we changed

You may want to check out their web page, as well as your tape drive
manufacturers web page.  They'll have more info about hardware/software

Just my $0.02


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> Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 1998 10:36 AM
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> Subject: COMP Backup Software Recommendations
> I am looking for a good backup software program for my Travan 3 tape
> I originally had the Ditto software (which came with the tape drive). This
> software is the same as the Seagate software and, unfortunately, has .dlls
> which conflict with my Quickbooks thereby making scheduled backups a pain.
> I have tried Cheyenne software, but their tech support is crummy.
> I am looking for tape backup software that:
> 1. Will work with my Travan 3 drive
> 2. Not conflict with any existing .dlls on my machine
> 3. Prepare an emergency disk in case of total crash
> 4. Can schedule automated backups
> 5. Simple and easy to use
> Thanks in advance,
> Bill