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Re: COMP Backup Software Recommendations

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I've used Quickbooks and "Seagate Backup Exec" with my TR4 tape drive for over a
year without a single glitch.

I previously had a Ditto TR3.  The software that came with it was written by
Seagate (actually Arcada which was bought out by Seagate), but was very 'lame'
compared to BE.  At about $50 street price, it's worth a try.  I assume you're
using Windows 95  :-)

Lew Midlam

Bill Allen wrote:

> I am looking for a good backup software program for my Travan 3 tape drive.
> I originally had the Ditto software (which came with the tape drive). This
> software is the same as the Seagate software and, unfortunately, has .dlls
> which conflict with my Quickbooks thereby making scheduled backups a pain.
> I have tried Cheyenne software, but their tech support is crummy.
> I am looking for tape backup software that:
> 1. Will work with my Travan 3 drive
> 2. Not conflict with any existing .dlls on my machine
> 3. Prepare an emergency disk in case of total crash
> 4. Can schedule automated backups
> 5. Simple and easy to use
> Thanks in advance,
> Bill