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Re: SEAOC Dues Increases

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To: Readers of SEAOC Web Server, 

Having read the e-mails between 22 February from Tom Harris through the 
last response from Dennis Wish on 27 February, I have only one thought 
which is to thank the membership and those engineers who openly 
discussed the topic on dues increase.

I believe Rawn Nelson explained well that the SEAOC organization has 
done well through the years in staying in the foreground in promoting 
structural engineering and, in particular, earthquake engineering. While 
I was overseas in the Far East, I have heard nothing but distinguish 
comments about the accomplishment of SEAOC, especially on the Blue Book 
and Commentary. These efforts are the direct results of committee 
volunteers, past and present, through the support from our membership, 
who have either donated their own time or given permission for others in 
their office to participate in committee activities. As a structural 
engineer, I am always indebted to my peers who have helped to build the 
reputation under the SEAOC. 

Having chaired the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to the BORPELS two
years ago, I can also relate to Rawn Nelson's statement about the 
proposed rewrite of the registration act. Yes, there is a continuing 
threat that the state legislators may take actions to sunset the 
structural engineer authority and those titles under the current 
practice act unless proper justification to their existence can be made 
by each discipline within BORPELS. While several missions were 
successful during my appointment to TAC, I was disappointed that SEAOC 
office gave little input or attention to support the TAC during my three 
years' involment and while I was chairperson. Perhaps, the chair
of any committee is always a lonesome job!
In February, the Board appointed an ad-hoc committee to review and 
discuss several topics related to SEAOC, and to make recommendation to 
the SEAOSC Board. In view of the many discussions on the SEAOC dues 
additional assessment in order to support the cost to maintain 
membership services at the SEAOC level, as your president-elect, I will 
request the local board to re-visit this topic in their April board 

We welcome your opinions and continuing support of the Association.

James S. Lai
SEAOSC President-Elect