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Re: SEAOC Dues Increases

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Like Jim and Rawn, I have been watching this thread with extreme interest.
As a past-president of SEAOSC I can assure you that the local associations
and the State association have made tremendous advances over the last
several years.

With the coming of the IBC, it is imperative that SEAOC take a leadership
role on a national basis.  But, at the same time, we need to take care of
business at home.  The State of California looks to us for leadership in
seismic design issues.  The combination of these two activities takes a lot
of time, planning, and committment from everyone.  Over the last year the
SEAOC board has developed and approved a 5-year strategic plan which will
guide the association through these many issues.

What goes along with the $10 dues increase is a stipulation that next years
budget must be balanced without using outside funds from various projects
which the association is involved.   There is a significant need for the
coordination work which is done by the State office.  Many times the
efforts are not seen by the general membership but believe me we would not
have had as much influence in the development of the 2,000 IBC without the
efforts of a State office and State committees.

Many of you have talked and are planning a "virtual committee."  This is a
good idea that should be pursued.  It allows those who wish to become
involved in the activities of the association who logistically of
physically can not be involved with committees to participate.  The
"virtual committee" will never replace the existing committee structure
because we need to speak with one voice as a committee.  However, the
virtual committee can certainly provide valuable opinion and insight to the
standing committee members.

Your desires for accountability of the funds is a reasonable request.
Through this message I ask that SEAOC board members work to provide this
service to our membership.  It is a simple task and one that is overdue.