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Re: duplication of plans

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I don't agree that duplicate plans should be reduced to levels near 25% of
original price.  Maybe 90%.  Does the builder charge only 25% of his or her
normal fee for the duplicate homes?  Is the first bestseller published at full
price, and then all copies at 25% thereafter?

It all hinges on what the fee is for.  In my opinion, the fee is primarily for
responsibility.  This does not change with more homes being built.  Only about
ten percent or so is the time actually spent crunching numbers.

As always, I say this in the best interests of our profession,
Brian Veit, P.E.

In a message dated 98-03-04 17:04:57 EST, wish(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Subsequently, the client has built sixty more homes and I am receiving
 $250.00 for each home duplicated off the original set. I do include
 structural observation and spend a considerable amount of time on the site
 to earn the reuse fee and assure that the home goes up as planned.
 My example is of a 1300 square foot starter home in steel stud (one story)
 where my initial design fee was reduced since it was government subsidized
 low income residential. >>