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Pier Design

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There is an alternative to drilled casson piers.

I am currently the senior engineer for a company called SAFE Foundations. This company has 
developed a steel foundation that can be pressed into the ground. (no excavation, no curring 

This foundation will take Moment, Lateral Shear, Vertical and Torsion Loads. We have INSTALLED 
foundations for Moment Loads of 4500 Kip-Ft. for power transmission lines and for less than 100 
Kip-Ft. for Signs.

In its moment configuration the SAFE Foundation has been used for Power Line Poles, Cell Phone 
Monopole Towers, Signs of All Sizes, Retaining Walls, POLE BUILDINGS, etc.

We are presently developing a Tri and Quad Tower Configuration.

Additionally there is a compression footing that has been used for Conveyor Belt Lines and 

The technology on this is new. However it has been proven and if you are interested I can send 
you additional information. The Design information for this is propriatary if you would like 
send me the design requirements and soils information for your building foundation and I will 
size the foundation for you.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., S.E., C.E., R.L.S.
Consulting Engineer
Liscensed: CA, Ohio, PA
SAFE Foundations
2200 Spring Garden Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
V. Ph. 412-231-7399
F. Ph. 412-231-8082
Mobil Ph. 412-974-4307

Did not mean to do a commercial but I do get furstratted that information about the SAFE 
Foundation has not spread faster. ;(