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Re: duplication of plans

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If the governing agencies in "earthquake country" (either State of CA or BORPELS) is REALLY concerned about the risks and/or financial burden of such a provision (i.e., Conventional Framing Provisions), a simple method of reducing this risk is to eliminate the provisions which allow non-qualified persons to design the structural systems (at least in seismic zone 4). California has one of the most liberal set of regulations dictating who can design (and build) what although most of the state is at high seismic risk. Quite possibly "Conventional Framing Provisions" are adquate in areas of moderate environmental conditions but certainly should be questioned in high seismic regions as well as other environmentally severe locations.

Bill Allen

Richard_Ranous/OES(--nospam--at) wrote:

I'm not sure how much of this expense relates to conventionally framed
homes.  I can tell you that part of it is from apartment buildings.  The
point I was making is that all of these homes were damaged in areas that
SEAOC and all of us have been talking about for some time.   Issues like
using stucco for shear panels; shear panels which are too short; 1/2" sill
bolts at 6'-0" on center.  Then we can get to the apartment buildings.  The
apartment building issues have been addressed by the City of Los Angeles in
Division 93.

The real question here is if you are going to live in "earthquake country"
or "hurricane country", or whatever, how much risk should the owner assume
for the property they own.  Further, if the owner accepts the level of risk
within the area and does nothing to see that their property is protected,
should the American taxpayer be responsible for providing temporary shelter
while their home is repaired?  In the political arena this is a definate
rhetorical question.
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