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Repair Code

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Since before Northridge I have been working on a code for the repair of
earthquake damaged buildings.  I have been assisted in this effort by Dr.
Hassan Sassi and Mr. Steve Stuart (Building Official City of Santa Paula).

I have now completed what I call draft #6 and am providing it to the
listserver for all of you to review and comment on.  The document has been
provided to Shafat and he will be putting it on either the web page or the
listserver, I'm not quite sure which.

I would appreciate any comments you may have.  We will be including the
document in our Recovery Manual which will be provided to local government.
Eventually, we would like to submit the document to the California Building
Standards Commission for adoption as a California Code.  Initial
conversations have taken place with DSA and they are willing to sponsor the
document once it has been out for public comment.  In this process OES will
be working with DSA to have a couple of workshops to be able to get
comments from groups like SEAOC.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get the
funds to do this during this year.

The document has been submitted to the SEAOC Existing Buildings Committee
for their review and comment.  Since they are involved in the whole IBC
review issue, I assume it will be a while before I get comments from them.

Ask any questions you have and either Dr. Sassi (who is on this list
server) or myslef will attempt to answer them.

In advance, thank you for your time and consideration.