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RE: duplication of plans

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Please see my comments within your text

Dennis Wish PE

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|Let me get this straight:  Builders are objecting to paying another $250.
|an engineer to ensure that a few little items of continuity are properly
|completed on mass housing?  That doesn't make sense to me.  How many people
|would be "priced out of" a house by $250.  Let's see, amortized over 25
Yes and No. Engineered home typically increase the cost of a residence since
the numbers generally are more conservative than Prescriptive measures. This
can add a couple thousand to the cost of a home.
My example was taken from a client that builds low income homes which are
government subsidized. When push comes to shove, the government evaluates
the program by the cost of the home and the financial liability to the
program. One or two percent increase in cost of materials is considered

|Could it be that this is just a great fear that the $250 engineer might
|10 or 20 times as much in deficiencies that must be corrected--such as
|requiring conformance to the drawings, actually doing what the code
|not overdriving nails into shear wall plywood, eliminating "air nails", not
|countersinking anchor bolts 3/4 of the way through a mud sill because they
|were set too low, etc., etc.
I don't disagree, however, the client has the option to eliminate
engineering - which as I tried to indicate will produce a home inferior to
one engineered. In my opinion this will increase the liability to the
homeowner who is not in a financial position to afford costly repairs due to
seismic damage (or wind depending on location).
To protect the homeowner who are at the mercy of the builder and to insure
better quality homes in my neighborhood, I am willing to concede to lesser
duplication fee's.

Dennis Wish PE