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Email Standards

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To the members of this list:
I have received some comments, as well as complaints about reception of
email from the list that containes embedded format codes.
Newer Email editors write and read Rich (HTML) formated text which, I
believe, is also Mime Compliant. This causes a problem with members who are
using older software that do not support this format.
This may be a continuing problem until owners of older software upgrade.
There are advantages to HTML Rich formats - you can vary color (to separate
original and responses), add graphic images embedded in the body of the
message, add lines and objects as wells as to change the background (similar
to using a predesigned letterhead) should you wish to send letters,
announcements and more.
Personally, I'd perfer not to have to return to more premative plain ASCII
format, but would be willing for this post. How do others feel about this
One other point. Since we are attempting to form a new committee online, one
of the problems we are trying to work through is compatibility in software.
In comittee work HTML format would be very important in it's ability to
embed graphic's and to maintain formats such as Outline format. The more
flexibility that is available will help to eliminate the need for faxes or
physical meetings.
Should we encourage others to upgrade to the most current versions of their

Dennis S. Wish PE

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