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RE: HUMOR: brief everything I know about Civil Engineering (fwd)

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You never know what somebody knows - you know!

Dennis Wish PE

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|Sent: Saturday, March 07, 1998 5:05 PM
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|Subject: HUMOR: brief everything I know about Civil Engineering (fwd)
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|>From: "Douglas C. Gilman" <dougg(--nospam--at)PLANNING.AOT.STATE.VT.US>
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|>Subject: brief everything I know about Civil Engineering
|>In response to your request to know everything about civil engineering
might I
|>suggest that a shorter list would be what things civil engineers can not
|>I always say that engineering is not what u learned, but rather teaching
|>yourself how to learn. And above all, be resourceful.
|>In my 10 professional years I  have: designed storm water drainage,
|>sewer collection, water distribution storage tank, roadway reclaiming,
|>administration, contract procurement, facilitator, presentor, public
|>traffic volume analyzer, computer software specialist, attempted corporate
|>takeover of publically traded company, wrote and implemented landfill
|>rules, initiated recycling programs, created / implemented / and
|trained people
|>on use of Local Area Network, initiated homepage presence for current
|>etc etc etc
|>Date:    Tue, 24 Feb 1998 19:18:04 PST
|>From:    jun-seo park <bluelevel(--nospam--at)HOTMAIL.COM>
|>Subject: please
|>I am a new member who just subscribed.
|>I want to know everything about civil engineering.
|>I hope any of you help me out with this.
|>Thank you for taking your time to read my letter.
|>I will be waiting for your reply.
|>Well, Good-Bye.