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Re: Email Standards

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While I agree with you whole heartedly, I believe most of the folks complaining about HTML format are our colleagues using AOL. If so, I do not believe IE or Netscape will help them.

BTW, this is the prototype virtual committee. Are we really going to set standards where we cannot "embellish" the text with graphic stuff and all of the other features HTML and the more sophisticated e-mail viewers offer? What's wrong with this picture?

Bill Allen

nmends(--nospam--at) wrote:


> Should we encourage others to upgrade to the most current versions of their
> software?

At some point, folks should be willing either to upgrade their software or to live with the consequences if they don't want
to.  HTML-format email software has been available for quite some time now, and best of all, it's available for FREE in the
form of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and now Netscape's Communicator.

I don't think a list like this should immediately jump on any new technology as soon as it emerges, but after some reasonable
amount of time new formats that have gained wide acceptance in the rest of the computer world should be acceptable here, too.
Nobody should be forced to upgrade, but neither should the whole community be forced to remain at the level of the lowest
common denominator forever.

We all know engineers who pride themselves on never upgrading anything.  They brag about still running DOS software on 286
computers.  Hey, that's just fine, and more power to them if they want to put up with the hassles of dealing with that stuff.
But better, easier to use technologies abound these days.  If a guy wants to continue doing his laundry by beating it on a
rock, fine, but he shouldn't insist that the rest of us can't use washing machines because of it. :-)

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