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Re: Email Standards

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At 01:23 PM 3/7/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>To the members of this list:
>I have received some comments, as well as complaints about reception of
>email from the list that containes embedded format codes.
>Newer Email editors write and read Rich (HTML) formated text which, I
>believe, is also Mime Compliant. This causes a problem with members who are
>using older software that do not support this format.
>This may be a continuing problem until owners of older software upgrade.

Or until microsoft learns how to write software that is not designed to
those who choose to use other products. This is not a problem of people
failing to upgrade (to products they neither need or want) it is a problem
of software that has a bug in it, that wastes bandwidth sending attachments
that serve no function.

Maura Gatensby Architect
Vancouver, Canada