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Re: Email Standards

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-=maura=- wrote:

> At 01:23 PM 3/7/1998 -0800, you wrote:
> >To the members of this list:
> >I have received some comments, as well as complaints about reception of
> >email from the list that containes embedded format codes.
> >Newer Email editors write and read Rich (HTML) formated text which, I
> >believe, is also Mime Compliant. This causes a problem with members who are
> >using older software that do not support this format.
> >This may be a continuing problem until owners of older software upgrade.
> Or until microsoft learns how to write software that is not designed to
> annoy
> those who choose to use other products. This is not a problem of people
> failing to upgrade (to products they neither need or want) it is a problem
> of software that has a bug in it, that wastes bandwidth sending attachments
> that serve no function.
> Maura Gatensby Architect
> Vancouver, Canada

Now *there's* a sight one doesn't often see:  an architect complaining about
ornamentation! :-D

The software industry offers many alternatives to using Microsoft products to
provide access to HTML email.