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RE: Email Standards, MIME, HTML Mail, RTF etc.

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Can you enlighten me on what software that you know of is HTML mail
compatible. Also, if you can answer this one, is HTML mail basically the
same as MIME compliant format?
I am using the Outlook9 98 Beta and it is provides the option of HTML mail
which in Outlook 97 was not stated as HTML but MIME.
To respond to Maura,
Microsoft has not cornered the market on buggy software. I believe that the
public encourages the release of software before it is ready by purchasing
it as soon as it is announced ready and by putting pressure on software
companies (actually the greatest pressure is from the stockholder) to work
through problems after the product is released. If the public refused to
purchase buggy software and return buggy packages to the store that we
bought them from, we may send a better message to the developer.
The attachments attached to email is not necessarily a bug, but may be an
announcement of an incompatibility. For example, I receive notices that my
mail can not be read and has three separage attachments to it. Investigation
shows that the receivers software does not support MIME or HTML formating.
This is not a bug, but an incompatibility between software or versions.
One more question that you may be able to answer:
I have used Microsoft Office 97 Word, Excel and Powerpoint to produce an
HTML document. I was disappointed when I found out that the graphics,
buttons and text were not all bound in the same HTML document, but were
placed in a folder (direcorty) ready for upload to your Web ISP. I was under
the impression that it would be in one document that you could distribute
like a graphic but with editing capabilities.
In an article on Office 98 Beta in PC Computing, it stated that Office 97 &
98 boast HTML compatibility but did not deliver. It failed to explain
whether they implied in one document or just simply failed to work.
Any comments from anyone

Dennis Wish PE