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Dear Members of the Seac community,

Thank you for your welcome.

To the person who wished me to chill out.  Thank you it has been really hot
here in the 90's all last week and a southerly just blew through and dropped
temperature about 40 degrees.  I appreciate your kind wishes and ability to
commune with She who makes the weather.  May you continue to be blessed with
all you deserve.

I am not sure how i ended up on this list as I dinna remeber filling in
anything but it looks neat after my first day.

I trust I will be able to contribute my main area is masonry so it may not
be that applicable to Ca.

Thank you for your help.

     o(o o)o           
Mr John Nichols
(humble post grad looking at masonry failure under dynamic loads)
This is where I live.

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Dept of Civil, Surveying and Environmental Engineering
University of Newcastle
University Drive, Callaghan NSW