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Re: General business questions

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 Is there a rule of thumb for how much time to charge when the technical
> aspects of the project are brand new and you are learning as you do it
> (because the deadline is tight and there is no time to do it any other
> way)? When I'm learning something new I will not usually charge more than
> half the time to the job, sometimes, less (depending).
>>Learning on the job is part of the fun but you should not charge your 
client for that.<<

True. When I was working for a firm we would charge our research/learning
time to the job and get paid for the time.This is where it gets confusing -
did the firm then NOT charge my learning time to the Client?

(This is one of the reasons I usually have a "not to exceed" cap in my
contract. Sometimes it seems as though I NEVER get off the learning curve.)

Kate O'Brien