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RE: Non-Engineering Topic - Chicago Engineers

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Until I noticed that this was from Dennis Wish, I would have SWORN it was SPAM.

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Thanks Kate,
Last Monday the Fed Express man dropped off a package and kidded me about
the pizza delivery. I told him now to laugh, but that Friday would be Pizza
Day. On Friday, sure enough, he shows up with a large box from Lou Malnati's
(1-800-Lou-To-Go). 4 Large Sausage Pizza's (deep dish). He started laughing
and asked if they were any good. I asked him where he could get really good
deep dish Chicago Pizza delivered for $15.00 each (Large Sausage) when
ordered in a 4 pack. I think his co-worker is delivering to his home this
For the price, it sure beats Domino's. The only thing is that when your
hungry, 24 hours is a little long to wait for the Pizza man to show up.

Dennis Wish PE

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|Subject: Non-Engineering Topic - Chicago Engineers
|I have to concur with Dennis that some of the best damn food I ever ate was
|in Chicago.
|And I'm a native Califnornian.
|Kate O'Brien