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ICBO Near Source Fault Maps - Pdate & Status

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     The ICBO Near Source Maps, for use with the 1997 UBC, went to the 
     printer on Friday February 27.  They will be in ICBO's hand, ready 
     for shipment, on Tuesday March 10. To order a set call the ICBO 
     Publications number (800-284-4406) and ask for Item No.: MAPS97.  The 
     maps cost $39 plus tax if ordered before July 1, 1998.
     These maps will NOT be available in an electronic format on the 
     Internet.  They will only be available to purchase in a hard copy.  
     They have a road map base, not a zip code base like the USGS maps.  
     This is necessary because the near fault zones are narrower than many 
     of the zip code areas they occupy.
     Due to lack of media interest, their will not be a Sacramento press 
     conference to announce the map's availability.  (Let's face it, 
     earthquake fault maps are not as interesting to the media as Bill 
     Clinton's alleged sex life, El Nino, and potential for war with 
     Iraq.)  As an alternate, SEAOC representatives will meet with 
     reporters of selected California newspapers to inform them of the 
     maps' availability, and their significance.  Hopefully, they will see 
     the maps arrival as newsworthy to the general public.
     Rick Drake, SE
     Fluor Daniel, Irvine.