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Email standards

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Dennis Wish wrote:
>>>Personally, I'd perfer not to have to return to more premative
plain ASCII format, but would be willing for this post. How do
others feel about this issue?<<<

ASCII format may be primitive, but it effective for the information
that is needed for this listserver.  I don't see a need for supporting
RTF.  Despite the reputation of the engineering profession, I find
that many engineers can actually express themselves with words
rather than resorting to drawing pictures.  Eventually, it may be
necessary to include graphics or other features for some.  I think
it would be more of a distraction.  

>>>Should we encourage others to upgrade to the most current
versions of their software?<<<

NO!!  As a public source of information, this listserver should
support the lowest common denominator.  There is no need to
force people to spend money so that they can get Email
messages with different colors of text.
Brian E Kehoe