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RE: Email Standards

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Glad that you said it Stan!

I, too, have not been able to read a number of Bill Allen's posts.  Normally, 
his posts have the ASCII as the Part I, and the HTML attached as the Part II 
of the message.  I have an "HTML Stripper" that will strip the embedded HTML 
comments from a message, however, the problem that I have is that all binary 
files are downloaded into a separate directory with the name, MAIL###.BIN, so 
finding the files is the first chore, then stripping the HTML out to be able 
to read it cleanly is another chore, and, finally, having posts from this 
list in two different directories, let alone two different files is another 

Bill, turn off that "HTML Only" switch, <please>!

Now, speaking as an old navy man, the fastest speed of a convoy is the 
maximum speed of the slowest ship.  This should also apply to interchange of 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona