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Dear John you wrote.

Dear John,
It must be really hot down under, since 90 degrees to you folks using the
celsius thermometer translates to about 190 degrees to us in the U.S. - one of
the last strongholds (except for the Navy) for the good old English units
system (even the English gave in). Or are feet and inches making a comeback in
the outback?

John Sullivan

I would say that I have been dealing with US types long enough to
automatically translate to Fah.  Last time I was in the outback one could
fry an egg at midday on the car bonnet without it running.  It was very hot.

I regularly converse with someone in Wy who helps with my research.  I now
think in Mountain Time which is funny when someone comes into the room and
asks the time and your out by 6 hours and a day.

Thanks for your words.

John Nichols