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Re: Email Standards

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Roger Turk wrote:

> Glad that you said it Stan!


> Now, speaking as an old navy man, the fastest speed of a convoy is the
> maximum speed of the slowest ship.  This should also apply to interchange of
> information.

Shouldn't we, then, by logical extension of that reasoning, be using regular U.S.
Mail to exchange our views? <grin>  I mean, just think of all the folks we're
excluding who don't have Internet access! =:-O

"Arrogant and presumptious (sic)" though I may be, I submit that we've made
enough progress to use this relatively new medium, and folks claiming that having
come this far we should never consider any further progress seem a little out of
place.  We've had no compunctions about leaving behind the folks who choose not
to get Internet access.  They're happily grumping fustily about how they don't
have to deal with all that new-fangled stuff and not participating, and we're
here using the latest whiz-bang toys.

My vote remains in favor of moving on to the next level.  After all, is there
*no* point at which we should adopt a new technology, just as we've all obviously
adopted this one?