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Message to those Lurking in the shadows:>)

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In a recent private discussion, I learned that there are some 6,000
subscribers to this list. I don't believe it!
This would mean that 6,000 people are receiving our twenty some daily posts.
Surely something in those posts must prompt a response. If those in the
shadows are not interested in the list, then are you simply dumping our
posts into the floating trashcan?????

Since I don't believe that there are 6,000 subscribers - I don't even
believe there are 600. I'm being generous at that - Are there really more
than 50 or 60???????

Let's do this. I challenge each of you who have not posted on this list in
the last two weeks to send me a private email to let me know that you are
alive and well and haven't fallen down waiting for help.

Send your SHORT note to me at wish(--nospam--at)  No solicitation for money,
please!  I spend too much time on this list to earn a decent living.

Again, I would like to receive one post from each subscriber and I promise
to keep it anonomous - I'll even trash it after I receive it. I just want to
know how many of you are really out there. I'd love to know why the majority
of you don't participate since attending physical meetings is no longer the
excuse. However, I'll accept the fact that you exist to be enough. Please
include your name and location so I can find out who we are reaching. If you
want to compliment me please do. If you want to flame me, send your post to
my trashcan(--nospam--at)

P.S. Please don't expect a reply unless you include a hugh compliment - then
I only send form letters.

Dennis S. Wish PE

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