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Dues Deduct??

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     One of the big benefits I find as a member of SEAOC is receiving the 
     "Blue Book" (Recommended Lateral Force Requirements and Commentary) 
     which is generally a precursor to the next issue of UBC Chapter 16 on 
     Earthquake Design.  Since the IBC 2000 will be using the NEHRP Seismic 
     Regulations, which has its own equally sized commentary, will SEAOC 
     continue to produce the "Blue Book"?  If SEAOC continues with the 
     "Blue Book" what will it cover that the NEHRP Commentary does not?
     If SEAOC discontinues writing the "Blue Book" shouldn't we get a 
     deduct in our annual dues?!?
     Thomas Hunt, S.E.
     Fluor Daniel