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SV: Dues Deduct??

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Can I get also the " Blue Book "



> Från: Tom.Hunt(--nospam--at)
> Till: SEAOC(--nospam--at)
> Ämne: Dues Deduct??
> Datum: den 10 mars 1998 13:52
>      One of the big benefits I find as a member of SEAOC is receiving the

>      "Blue Book" (Recommended Lateral Force Requirements and Commentary) 
>      which is generally a precursor to the next issue of UBC Chapter 16
>      Earthquake Design.  Since the IBC 2000 will be using the NEHRP
>      Regulations, which has its own equally sized commentary, will SEAOC 
>      continue to produce the "Blue Book"?  If SEAOC continues with the 
>      "Blue Book" what will it cover that the NEHRP Commentary does not?
>      If SEAOC discontinues writing the "Blue Book" shouldn't we get a 
>      deduct in our annual dues?!?
>      Thomas Hunt, S.E.
>      Fluor Daniel