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Re: bridging to floor joists

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<<Are there any records of tests, or any information, on use of ceiling
battens (e.g. 1.5in*1in battens at 2ft. spacing) as an alternative to
solid bridging or herringbone strutting between solid timber floor

Bob Mahony>>

I don't have a cross reference guide yet for the new code, so I can't say what
'97 has to say about it, but '94 addresses it in sections 2306.7, 2304.3.6,
and 2363.

Note that the conventional framing provisions are more rigid on this topic,
and require min. blocking member depths of two inches.

I have heard a 2% rule for bracing -- two percent of the load on the beam
laterally is adequate to be called "supported laterally".  (This seems to make
sense, but does anyone care to confirm/deny this?)  I'd guess the battens are

But 2363 says, paraphrased: when the compression edge is supported continually
(as with a floor) and the ends are blocked to prevent rotation, the unbraced
length is zero, and hence  no bridging is req'd.  In which case the battens
are def. adequate.

Brian Veit, P.E.