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RE: Which Club to Join

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Dear Kate, Dennis and Bill,

I am terribly sorry to have created such debate over a statement by Groucho
Marx.  I assumed
that all would know this joke when I sent the email else I would have
acknowledged it.

A famous Californian once said

::There is little to justify the common tacit assumption that the strongest
shaking known to have affected a given point in the past will not be
exceeded there.

And in the same reference provided this story.

In 1918 an astronomer, who had entered military service, was stationed at an
army post where the customary cannon was fired at noon.  Professional
interest lead the astronomer to inquire of the officer in charge where he
got his time; it transpired that the source was a clock in the jeweller's
window in the nearby town , where the Officer regularily set his watch.  The
next logical(sic) step was to interview the jeweler.  Result:"Oh, yes; they
fire a cannon at the fort every day at noon, and I set my clock by that."

My bet is that one of you three will know the answer without looking it up
and can tell me before 24 hours is up.  Starting 5 pm mountain time on the
10 March.

Bet a big Mac on it next time I am in US.

By the way Kate I love anchovy pizza tehy amke it at Pizza Hut in Australia.

Life is full of lurkers.

And Scottish Country Dancing is fun, if you dinna believe that then I will
send you to one of my 7 year old daughters discos or maybe the Spice Girls
Movie.  Just for the record I liked the movie thought it was well written,
if aimed at a specific auidence.

Just out of interest what is Seoac exactly.

At 01:18 PM 10/3/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Kate is correct, It was Groucho.
>Dennis S. Wish PE
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>Subject: Re: Which Club to Join
>Are you sure it wasn't Woody Allen?
>Bill Allen (no relation)
>Kathleen A. O'Brien wrote:
>>>I think it was a famous American who said he would never join a club that
>would have him as a memeber.<<
>Yes! It was Groucho Marx himself