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RE: Listserv membership

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Not to fear. The information is private and I would believe that Shafat has
no intentions of letting it be used for commercial gain. I'm more interested
in why people don't participate rather than who they are.
I wish they would submit posts to the group with the kind of info they are
sending directly to me. I believe that there is a common concensus among
those who write which I will convey after the rest of the responses are

Dennis Wish PE

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|Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 1998 12:25 PM
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|Subject: Re: Listserv membership
|I hope that there is no such easy way to list subscribers.  If there
|is, it would be yet another source for mass-mailers/spammers.  I get
|enough junk mail as-is.
|I realize that the archive can be "mined," but that would, at least,
|take a bit more effort.
|This is a vote for keeping the list as confidential as possible.
|Dave Evans, P.E.
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|> Subject:       Listserv membership
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|> In a message dated 98-03-10 00:19:07 EST, wish(--nospam--at) write:
|> > In a recent private discussion, I learned that there are some 6,000
|> >  subscribers to this list. I don't believe it!
|> Shafat,
|> I once helped administer a listserv using a program called Majordomo.
|> program allowed subscribers to submit requests for information about the
|> activities and status of the listserv.  For example, if the SEAOC
|> used this program, sending an e-mail to majordomo(--nospam--at), and in the
|> of the e-mail typing 'who seaoc-members' would generate an e-mail reply
|> contains a list of subscribers.
|> Is there similar capability in the program you are using?
|> Frank Lew, SE
|> Orinda, CA