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Re: email attachments

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I too get email attachments with filenames such as "winmail.dat" or
"anonymous-attn" and labeled as binary files.  My employer's software
Office) attaches these to my received email and I can't find a way to delete
such attachments - so they just take up extra space if I save the email.

Bill Allen's email of 3-9-98 came up as an empty email with an attachment on
my system.  I thought he forgot to type a message and deleted the post.  I
recovered it and found the attachment is labeled "anonymous-atta" but
as an HTML document.  I don't have an HTML browser on my computer at work,
I don't have a way to read it.  (And it would be time consuming to save the
attachment and open another program just to read the post!)  Thus I vote for
staying with ASCII until HTML is much more prevalent.