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The North American Seaoc - for John down under

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Thanks for the response, John.
For those of you down under, the North American Seaoc is a fierce creature
indigenous to California that is allowed to roam free but is not considered
a protected species. They like structures (any kind including towers) and
can be found almost anywhere one exists. They are particularly good prey for
attorney hunters and gatherers who like search within the Urban Jungle area.
They are a tight knit group that have congregated into four major urban
areas around California (although a few have developed clans in outlying
rural regions).
There is the San Diego Seaoc which enjoys and flourishes in the moderate
coastal climates. They are not a particularly aggressive group and are kept
under control by the local naval yard. It is often feared that rather than
be hunted by the attorney huners and gatherers, they are captured and
exported to Mexico because of their unique skills. There is little proof to
support this other than they generally don't grow to large in number.  San
Diego Seaoc's have a very good reputation as being intelligent, kind, great
pets and ver protective of families.
The Southern California Seaoc is more aggressive - typically found lurking
in area's of urban unrest, mud slides, fires and earthquakes. One must be
cautious when approaching a Southern California Seaoc - they are extremely
skittish of attorney hunters and gathers and their close relative, the drive
by shooter.
The next specie is the Central California variety of Seaoc - a rather benign
creature that is generally docile and friendly to most anyone who approaches
them. Not much is really known about this group of Seaoc, but people have
coexisted with them for many years with little adverse affects. Rumors are
that they congregate in area's frequented by world travelers and feed on
cheeses, wines and Swedish Chocolates.
The final group is the Northern Seaoc - a very intelligent, but particularly
clever species that one should never turn their back on. If not careful, you
may find yourself surrounded by confusion, red tape and formality. They are
indigenous to areas surrounding office buildings which harbor large
contracts. Socially, they are more affluent by nature but tend to snub those
from the other three regions of California as being inferior. The Northern
Seaoc is considered a very good catch by attorney hunters and gatherers. The
Northern Seaoc brings the highest market price for it's skin and meat. An
added incentive to the attorney hunters and gatherers is the Northern Seaoc
Lexus - a mode of transportation unique to the more affluent Northern Seaoc.
Finally there has been a unique mixing of the breeds. This new emerging
species is aptly known as the California State Seaoc - a creature of immense
power and especially brilliant plumage that draws attention and respect
worldwide. They pride themselves on their ability to lead the other four
families of Seaoc, but are questioned as being too costly to maintain. Not
of particular cyber-technical skills, the California State Seaoc is more
traditional in manner and tends to congregate in areas frequented by
Well John, I hope this answers you question about the unique North American
California Seaoc. You might find out more about them and their unique mating
rituals by visiting their web site at .

Next time I'll tell you about the lesser known North American Celsoc.

best regards down under.
Dennis Wish PE

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